Inaugural professorial addresses

Derek McCormack
Derek McCormack

Every year new professors join the AUT professoriate. The AUT public lecture series, featuring professorial addresses, serves as a public platform for introducing new professors to university colleagues and to the wider community interested in their field.

In each one-hour lecture, AUT professors take their audience on a journey related to their research interests, their career to date, and the future as they see it.  The AUT public lecture series is accessible to a wide audience, and well attended by AUT staff and visitors to the campus.

The diversity of topics is vast and each professor brings their distinctive personality and style to their presentation – but every lecture is connected by one theme: a deep and personal knowledge of the subject matter, often developed over a lifetime of research. Whether it’s about philosophy of education, molecular engineering or law – each professorial address represents a dedicated pursuit of knowledge, and a desire to share it.

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