Sustainability research at AUT

Irrigation project: plants in potsOur research focus seeks to make a positive contribution to the environmental, social, cultural and economic development of New Zealand and the global community.  

Sustainability-focused research projects and outputs

Our externally funded sustainability research projects have increased in number from four in 2012, five in 2013, to six in 2014. While they represent a small number of projects, there is an increasing trend.

In 2014, AUT produced 77 sustainability-focused research outputs which included journal articles, conference contributions and chapters/sections in books.

Research projects

Pesticides and bees

Dr Chris Pook from the School of Science is researching the effects of pesticides on bees. Dr Pook is using the beehive located on the AUT City Campus to develop and test a monitoring system that can be used in the field. The system includes scales and temperature sensors and is powered by a small solar panel.

White roofs to reduce overheating

The AUT Estates Group and the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences’ Dr Adam Taylor worked together on a research project looking at the overheating of buildings on the North Campus. 

As part of the project, the building's red roofs were painted white, which reduced the overheating of rooms and avoided the need to install air conditioning. A white roofs research paper was written by Dr Adam Taylor and published in the Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development.

Examples of other AUT sustainability research projects

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