Technology (sustainable operations at AUT)

Sustainable ICT includes sustainable and ethically produced electronic devices, operating energy efficient devices and adopting a closed loop approach to the electronic devices once they are no longer functional.

Sustainable ICT projects at AUT

Mobile Phone Recycling Bin

1. Mobile phone recycling

Mobile phone recycling bin stations are located at the three main campuses. The phones collected are either refurbished for reuse or sent to Japan for recycling. The mobile phone recycling bins are located at:

  • City Campus: WA4 outside Tech Central
  • North Campus: AS Foodcourt beside the mobile phone charger
  • South Campus: MA ground floor at the entrance to the Library

2. Battery and device recycling

AUT provides facilities for staff to recycle a number of IT items at the North, South and City campuses, including:

  • Batteries
  • Printer cartridges: these are used to make TonerPave™, an asphalt road surface
  • Computers (these are refurbished or recycled)
  • Printers or photocopiers

Check Auckland Council's Recycler directory to find a company to recycle equipment you have at home.

Recycler directory website

3. IT sustainability benchmark

AUT participates in an annual benchmark that includes sustainability.

The Council of Australian Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) compiles the report that measures universities in Australia and New Zealand. The 2016 audit showed AUT recycled, reused and disposed of all PCs and laptops in an environmentally sound manner.

100% of PCs, monitors and laptops we use meet performance criteria to reduce environmental impact over their lifecycles.

4. Energy efficient equipment

All new computers, laptops and other IT equipment undergo a device evaluation testing process which includes capturing energy efficiency data and comparing this between devices. This information is used when deciding which device is most appropriate for the purpose.

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