Leadership and Challenge (AUT Edge Award requirement)

Student ambassador
A leader is someone who motivates and inspires people and encourages them towards a common goal. Good leaders are like gold to organisations so it is very important to challenge yourself or develop leadership skills as a student.

Attend 1 leadership presentation

To kick off this section of the AUT Edge Award you need to attend a presentation of your choice from a range of speakers. These presentations are offered throughout the year and run on all AUT campuses. 

Take action: complete 18 hours in a role of responsibility

Your 18 hours in a role of responsibility can be selected from a huge range of activities on and off campus. These might include:

  • Roles as president or secretary with one of our many AUT clubs including AUTSA
  • Becoming a sports team captain or vice-captain
  • Mentoring (unpaid)*
  • Becoming a student ambassador 
  • Getting a qualification like coaching, first aid or a lifeguard award
  • Take part in a volunteering abroad project with a registered charity

* AUT peer mentors are paid so cannot be included for leadership/challenge

The list is virtually endless. To make an appointment and find out more register below.


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