Postgraduate boards and committees

Official definitions, membership and responsibilities of the following committees and boards can be found in the AUT University Calendar.

University Postgraduate Board (UPB)

The purpose of the University Postgraduate Board is to oversee the development and review of all postgraduate programmes (Levels 8-10) of the University to ensure the highest academic standards are attained. The University Postgraduate Board is responsible to the Academic Board for the oversight of all postgraduate programmes with respect to:

  • Strategy, development, approval, monitoring and review including academic regulations
  • Protecting the interest of students and supervisors
  • Admissions, supervision arrangements, thesis and dissertation examination processes, student progress, approving the award of honours and recommending the granting of qualifications

Faculty boards

Each faculty has an academic committee - the Faculty Board. This Board has responsibility for monitoring and implementing all academic policy and curricula within a faculty. Each faculty board has created a faculty postgraduate committee to carry out those responsibilities delegated by the University Postgraduate Board as outlined above.

Boards of studies

Each programme has a board of studies which is responsible to a faculty board for the continuous development and relevance of curricula and ongoing programme monitoring, so that quality standards for teaching, learning and candidate performance are maintained and requirements for resources are identified. The board of studies establishes and advises on criteria and procedures for the selection and admission of candidates.

Examination board

Each programme has an examination board which monitors individual candidate achievement and recommends the granting of qualifications.

Auckland University of Technology Ethics Committee (AUTEC)

AUTEC is an institutional ethics committee accredited to the Health Research Council of New Zealand. AUTEC reports annually to the Council of Auckland University of Technology and the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

AUTEC's main responsibilities are:

  • To review or provide for the review of all proposed research and teaching projects being undertaken by staff or students at AUT University and involving human participants
  • To provide advice and assistance with regard to ethical principles to anyone undertaking such research or teaching projects
  • To provide an avenue for handling complaints or queries regarding ethical standards of research and teaching
  • To provide comment and guidance on all aspects of institutional ethics including the public image of the University, the use of assets of the University, ethical aspects of institutional research and other matters referred to AUTEC from time to time

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