Booking a venue

AUT has a number of rooms and spaces on each campus that you can book for various events including student events, staff events, community and business events.

Here are some of the rooms and spaces that are available for booking:

  • The Hub (City Campus) - available daily after 7.30pm
  • Hikuwai Plaza (City Campus)
  • WH Plaza (City Campus)
  • Awataha Plaza (North Shore Campus)
  • Lecture theatres
  • Classrooms

Please note: If you wish to book a room or space for after hours use, AUT Security and cleaning will need to be arranged and a small cost may be incurred at the hirer’s expense.

AUT Student Club Bookings: All student club bookings have to go through AuSM

General Bookings: Please contact AUT Hospitality Service for general booking at or visit their website