Postgraduate researcher development

AUT offers hundreds of events, resources, and activities aimed at helping you develop your research skills and connect with colleagues including:

  • The Researcher Development (RD) Online Tool
  • Peer Mentoring Groups
  • Thesislink

Researcher Development Online Tool

You can use the Researcher Development Online Tool to search through hundreds of events, activities, and resources. No matter what your field or programme, there are opportunities for you, including:

  • Discipline-specific research seminars
  • Conferences
  • Online subject guides
  • Help with methodological issues
  • Ethics and funding applications, and much more

Both student and staff researchers at AUT can access the Researcher Development Online Tool. For further information on how to use the RD Online Tool access the user guide here:

Researcher Development Online Tool User Guide (6 pages, 732 kB)

Peer Mentoring Groups

By joining an AUT Peer Mentoring Group (PMG), postgraduate research students can meet, connect and share ideas. AUT has nine PMGs:

Not interested in these groups? Contact to start one of your own.


Thesislink is a research blog that offers you as a researcher information, commentaries and suggestions as well as the opportunity to connect with other researchers and discover their stories and experiences. Find out what other researchers are doing and read about skills to help your academic writing. Go to: for the latest Thesislink blogpost.


Contact the Researcher Development team: