Help for anxiety, depression, stress and wellbeing

Feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed is not uncommon and many people experience one or all of these intensely during their lifetime.

Anxiety is when we feel that our worry, nervousness, or fear, is interfering with our ability to keep up with our usual daily activities.

Depression is more than a passing feeling of sadness or feeling low. A low mood and loss if interest in your usual daily activities, which lasts for many days or weeks, could be depression.

Stress is something we need a little of to motivate us to do the things in our day that need to be done. However too much stress can cause problems with our ability to cope with everyday activities and can affect our psychological and physical health.

Skills to increase your wellbeing

At AUT we have groups to help you with skills. These are free for all students and are facilitated by our counsellors. You can also check out the resources below.

Useful websites and community resources

There is a wide range of free information and apps available online to help you with mental health advice, coping strategies and stress management. Listed below is a selection of self-help resources. These are generally used alongside rather than as a substitute for speaking with a counsellor.

Useful apps

Free smartphone apps for breathing, sleeping, mental health or related to cognitive behaviour therapy.

Useful websites

Anxiety or depression

Drugs and Alcohol



Mental Health & Wellbeing






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