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If you are making a counselling appointment for the first time, please read the staff profiles and think about who may be the best ‘fit’ for you before you make an appointment.

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About our team

All of our counsellors are professionally trained, and are members of their relevant professional body. We also have intern counsellors at the City Campus who are in their final stage of training and ready to work with individuals.

Counsellors and mental health advisors have supervision with another professional as a requirement of their practice. Supervisors provide feedback on the counsellor or mental health advisor’s work and support their professional development.

Audrey Hutcheson – Head of Counselling & Mental Health

Audrey Hutcheson

MCouns, PGDipEd, PGCert Supervision, Grad Dip Psychotherapy, MNZAC

We strive to provide a range of therapies and mental health services to meet your needs.  If, for any reason, you are not happy with the outcome of your counselling appointment, please contact Audrey Hutcheson in confidence to discuss your concerns.


Nerissa Coralini - Mental Health Advisor – City

Nerissa Coralini


Nerissa is a Social Worker by profession. She has a strong background in mental health, working in child and adolescent mental health prior to coming to AUT. Nerissa is able to support students by completing assessments to identify mental health issues and any risk factors.  She can refer students to Community Mental Health Services, should they be in need of a more extensive wraparound intervention.  Nerissa will liaise between AUT and Community Mental Health to enable students’ care and support. She provides ongoing monitoring of students’ mental health alongside their Community Mental Health involvement, in an effort to enhance outcomes for students and enable them to achieve their academic goals.

Nerissa works at the City campus (WB), Mondays to Fridays.

Nadia Mysliwiec - Mental Health Advisor/Counsellor – City & North

Nadia Mysliwiec

Counselling Psychologist
BHSc (Hons), MHSc (Couns Psych), PGDipCounsPsych, MNZPsS, MICP

Nadia is a registered Counselling Psychologist who previously worked within the NGO and DHB mental health sectors in Auckland before starting at AUT. Being an AUT graduate herself she understands the highs and lows of being a student and hopes to be able to empower and support students with any issues they may be facing.

Nadia is able to assist clients with personal, social, educational and vocational functioning by using psychological assessments and interventions, as well as preventative approaches. She can help clients with all aspects of mental health and has specific expertise in anxiety and stress, eating disorders, depression, emotion regulation, relationships, perfectionism and personal development.

Nadia’s approach to working with clients is holistic and client centred. She uses a variety of models including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Nadia has also trained in eating disorder specific treatment modalities.

Nadia works at both the City campus (WB), on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and the North campus (AX), on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Nicky Harvey - Mental Health Advisor – North

Nicky Harvey

BN, Post. Grad. Dip, R Comp.N

Nicky is a New Zealand registered Comprehensive Nurse, with experience working in the Mental Health field. She is comprehensively trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and looks forward to using her skills to help students succeed personally and academically.

Nicky works at the North campus (AX), on Thursdays and Fridays.

Seema Woollaston - Mental Health Advisor/Counsellor - South

Seema Woollaston

MSW (Applied), PGDip CogTherapy, PGCert HSc (Mental Health), BA (Psych), MANZASW, R Social Worker

Seema’s role at the South Campus is a combined role of Mental Health Advisor and Counsellor. She has a background in social work, and has specialised in mental health counselling having worked previously in the child, adolescent, and family mental health field. Seema’s approach to working with clients is holistic, and keeps the family and other relational systems in mind.

Seema uses a variety of models including Cognitive, Acceptance and Commitment (ACT), Solution Focused and Narrative therapies.  Her particular areas of interest are working with migrants and cultural issues, the interface of cultural and clinical issues, supporting those affected by mental health issues, and mindfulness-based therapies.

Seema works at the South campus (MB), on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Anna Fleming – Counsellor for Māori – City & North

Anna Fleming

BCS, GDipPsychotherapy, Te Rūnanga o Waka Oranga, MNZAP

Kia ora! Ko Anna Fleming toku ingoa. Ko Ngāpuhi me Tūhoe ngā iwi.

Anna Fleming's whakapapa links her to Ngāpuhi in the north, Tūhoe and Te Urewera, and London, England. Anna trained as a psychotherapist here at AUT, and prior to this worked as a social worker.

Anna believes that therapy and counselling provide a way to gain support and understanding in times of difficulty. Her aim is to provide her clients with a safe environment to share what is going on for them, and together to explore possibilities and solutions.

Her practice is informed by both indigenous and psychodynamic models which offer a holistic, overall perspective to health and wellbeing. Her areas of interest include indigenous health, attachment theory, identity issues, family dynamics, stress and anxiety.

Anna works at City campus (WB), on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the North Campus (AX), on Fridays.

Rick Cusack - Counsellor – City & North

Rick Cusack

MA Appl (SW), Grad Dip Psychotherapy, MNZAP

After growing up in the South Island, Rick studied at the University of Otago then went on to become a secondary school teacher in the Hawke’s Bay and Solomon Islands. He later trained as a social worker at Victoria University then completed the Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy at AUT.

Rick has primarily worked in hospitals, alcohol and drug services and tertiary institutions. He can help you cope with addictions, anxiety and depression, sexuality issues, stress and many other issues.

Rick understands that how people relate to each other is the primary place from which to develop skills in living.

Rick works at the City campus (WB), on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the North campus (AX) on Tuesdays.

Katie Hunter – Counsellor - City

Katie Hunter

BHSc(Couns) Prov MNZAP

Katie is a former student of AUT, graduating in a Health Science degree in Counselling. Prior to working at AUT she worked with young people in diverse and challenging environments, and with young people who had alcohol and drug addictions. She helped them to make positive and lasting changes in their own lives and that of their family and whanau.

Katie offers support dealing with depression, anxiety, grief and emotional distress including anger management, low self-esteem and self-harm.  She uses different therapeutic techniques according to what is appropriate for the individual client and can assist clients in reaching realistic and achievable goals.  In addition, she encourages clients to learn ways in which to best support themselves during deeply challenging times.

Katie works at the City campus (WB), Mondays to Fridays.

Amanda Lees – Counsellor – North & City

Amanda Lees

MA (Hons), MEd(Couns) (Hons), MNZAC

Amanda's counselling practice is influenced by neuroscience and the mind-body connection. She has a humanistic and client-centred approach, uses a range of strategies to facilitate change, and works with clients to build capacity for a more vital life.

Amanda provides a warm and safe space for working with issues about the ‘self’ and identity, self-worth, loss and grief, disruptive emotions, neglect and abuse, relationships, transitions, cultural adjustment, spirituality, and personal change.

Amanda's work history includes town planning, market research and tertiary counselling.

Amanda works at the City campus (WB), on Mondays, and the North campus (AX) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Sharon Lee – Counsellor - North

Sharon Lee

MEd, BA, Cert Ethics and Women’s Studies, MNZAC

Sharon appreciates the opportunity to assist clients to address their concerns and challenges. It's important to her to do this with respect and to achieve the desired outcome in a brief and solution focused manner.

Sharon's practice and experience of many years is informed by narrative and systemic therapies. The counselling process offers an opportunity to reflect in confidence and to discover fresh responses and pragmatic options to troublesome areas of relationship, study, work and life.

Sharon works at the North campus (AX) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.