Resources for spiritual enquiry

Religion and belief guide
pdf iconReligion and Belief Guide
Resources available at AUT that relate to faith and spirituality.

Annual spiritual events

These are times of significant spiritual events and celebrations. By highlighting awareness of these events, it can assist university staff and students to acknowledge the multicultural nature of AUT’s community, and to plan and manage times when religious observance may make participation in study and work demands difficult for those that observe them.

Books, DVDs and articles

There are a number of resources where issues pertaining to faith can be explored. Books and DVDs suggested by some of AUT’s chaplains are listed in the document below.

pdf icon PDF of resources for spiritual enquiry – books, DVDs, articles (3 pages, 33 kB)

Other groups at AUT

AUTSA has several religious and cultural groups affiliated with it – check out their clubs webpage.

AUT has other groups that may be of interest due to their diversity or approach:

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