Your safety & security

Everyone has a role to play in making AUT’s campuses safe. You need to accept responsibility for your own personal health, safety and security on campus by taking simple, common sense precautions that we highlight on the following pages. You can call AUT Security on +64 9 921 9997.

Emergency procedures

In case of emergency
In any emergency (where there is imminent danger to life or property), call 111. If you are dialling from an AUT phone, dial 1 for an outside line then dial 111.
  • State the emergency service you need: fire, police or ambulance
  • Tell the emergency operator which campus you’re on and your location:
  • AUT City Campus - 55 Wellesley Street East, state the building number or name
  • North Campus - 90 Akoranga Drive, state the building number or name
  • South Campus - 640 Great South Road, state the building number or name
  • Give the emergency operator your phone number and extension number
  • Send someone to the nearest entrance gate to help emergency services arrive. You should also phone AUT Security on +64 9 921 9997
  • Do not hesitate to yell for help
  • For urgent medical or mental health assistance on campus during office hours, phone ext 8888 to ask for nurse assistance or make an urgent appointment with a counsellor, mental health coordinator, doctor or nurse. Please tell the receptionist why the need for assistance is urgent.

If there’s a fire

  • When you hear the fire alarm, STOP everything that you are doing
  • Immediately exit the building via the nearest fire exit
  • Locate people with disabilities or those who cannot descend stairs in the stairwell lobby. Do not lift anyone down the stairs. Stairwell lobbies are safe havens and designed to withstand heat and smoke
  • Do not carry or go back for bags or personal items
  • Do not run or push. Walk calmly.
  • Do not use lifts under any circumstances
  • Follow fire warden instructions
  • Fire wardens are staff members who will be wearing yellow jackets or arm bands
  • Go to the designated assembly point
  • Do not re-enter the building until given the instructed “all clear” by the Fire Service and or your building warden
If you notice suspicious behaviour
Promptly report any suspicious persons or behaviour to AUT Security on +64 9 921 9997, regardless of how minor it appears.

If you need building security or access
You can contact AUT Security on +64 9 921 9997 for any security-related enquiries including building swipe card access, triggered alarms, broken windows, etc.

Report any lost keys or access cards immediately. Someone could use these and commit crimes in your name.

AUT Security offices are located at:
  • City Campus - WO Building - Cnr Wakefield and St Paul Sts
  • North Campus - AT building
  • South Campus - MF building

Call AUT Security

Free phone 0800 AUT SAFE or extension 9997 from an internal phone.