Academic policies and regulations

AUT is governed by policies and regulations that relate to you and your study here. You should familiarise yourself with these regulations to understand how various processes work.

General Academic Statute

The General Academic Statute explains how AUT qualifications are granted and includes official information about admission requirements, assessments, fees and graduation.

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Academic Progress 

The Academic Progress Regulations explain what proportion and type of papers students need to pass in their course of study to be allowed to re-enrol in the following teaching period.

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Student Behaviour Policy

It is important that you understand what is expected of you as an AUT student.

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Academic Discipline

The Academic Discipline regulations explain that students are expected to demonstrate academic integrity with regard to all aspects of their study and outlines the process if a complaint is made about dishonesty during an assessment or course of study.

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Discipline Statute

The Discipline Statute explains what is expected of AUT students, and what happens should there be a breach of discipline.

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Complaints Process

You should know how to lodge a complaint if you have concerns regarding an experience with any lecturers, administrative staff or any other of the University’s service providers.

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