Staying the course - Kia manawanui

Making  Academic Progress in your qualification

The following explains what is meant by Academic Progress, and what happens if you do not pass the necessary papers to complete your qualification within the time limits set by the Standard Qualification Regulations.

What is Academic Progress?
The 2015 Academic Progress Regulations (see Section 12) provide for three levels of academic progress through your programme of study. Stages such as these are common in most New Zealand universities, and they are there to help you identify when you need to take action to stay on track and remain able to complete your qualification.

What happens if I fail a paper?
We want you to succeed in your programme, but understand that not all students will pass all papers first time. The academic progress processes - Staying the course Kia Manawanui - are designed to help you connect to the many types of support that are freely available on campus to help you make good progress with your study.

What do I need to do to stay on course?
You need to pass at least half the papers you are enrolled in each teaching period (semester, term or other enrolment period). You also need to pass all your core papers

What happens if I fail more than half my papers?
If you fail papers totalling more than half the points you were enrolled in for the latest teaching period, you will receive a letter giving you an early warning that if this happens again you will need to apply to the exam board for permission to re-enrol. The letter will also give you details about who you can contact for advice and support.

What if I fail a core paper?
You can make two attempts at your core papers, and if your second attempt is not successful, you will need to apply to the exam board for permission to re-enrol for a third time.

Student autonomy and support - just ask
Both your faculty and AUT Student Hub offer you a wide range of free support services. If you are having difficulty passing the papers you are enrolled in, contact your lecturer, academic advisor, programme administrator or programme leader first.

You can also contact the Student Hub to check out their wide range of free advice and support services - phone 0800 288 864 or 09 921 9799 ( from overseas) or email

What if it happens again?
If your progress is still not satisfactory in the following teaching period, you will need to apply to the exam board to be able to re-enrol in your major or programme. Perhaps you had a significant life event or extenuating circumstance that prevented you from making good progress. You will need to provide evidence of this with your application. If you need advice or assistance with your application, you can contact a Student  Hub Advisor or  

What will the exam board do?
The exam board will consider your application, the evidence you have provided and your academic record to date. They may:

  • Permit you to re-enrol
  • Advise you to choose an alternative course of study
  • Require you to limit your enrolment to reduce your workload
  • A requirement to undertake relevant learning support activities
  • Discontinue your enrolment and not permit you to re-enrol, either for a specified period of time, or permanently if they consider you have not demonstrated that you are 'capable of achieving the standards required for [the] qualification' under Clause 1.1 of the Admission and Enrolment Requirements of the University