Computers are available for you to use, and can be found at TechCentral and the Library on each campus.

To login to a computer you’ll need your network login username and password. You can find your username on your student ID card or your Orientation ticket. If you are a new student your default password is your date of birth in DDMMM format – eg. If your birthdate is 3 August 1995 your password will be 03aug.

We’ve put together some video tutorials to help you navigate our computers.

How to: Register your account

How to: Change your network password

How to: Change your email

How to: Change your phone number

How To: Book a computer, a laptop, and a study room

Download the ICT Essentials PDF

Prefer to talk to a human? Visit our friendly support staff at TechCentral or give us a call on 0800 AUT ICT (0800 288 428)