New to AUT?

Your first day

Where to Eat
There are lots of places for you to eat on campus including cafes, restaurants, and food courts.

City Campus

  • The Counter Café (WF Level 1)
  • Newsfeed Café (WG Level 3)
  • The Hub (WC Level 2)
  • Food Court (WC Level 1)
  • Piko (WZ Level 1)
  • Four Seasons Restaurant (WZ Level 2)

North Campus

  • Food Court (AS Level 1)
  • Library Café (AL Building)
  • Subway (AH Level1)

South Campus

  • Kaife (MB Level2)

What to wear
Wear whatever makes you comfortable on your first day at Uni! There is often lots of walking between classes, so comfortable shoes are a good idea. If you are stuck for ideas, our Student Ambassadors say jeans and a t-shirt are a classic first day outfit that never fails.

What to bring
You’ll need to bring something to take lecture notes with (pen & paper, computer or tablet). If you don’t have a laptop you can hire one from Tech Central.

It is always good to bring food with you, especially if you have a long day as it is a good way to save money.

How much time does uni take?

If you have just left high school, the number of classes you have each week can seem small. It’s important to understand that at University you are expected to do self-directed learning.

Self-directed learning means that you are in control of the learning you do. Most students will have about 4 hours of class time (lectures, tutorials, workshops, and labs) per 15 point paper per week, but are expected to complete 10 hours of study per 15 point paper per week. That means that you are expected to do 6 hours of your own study per week per 15 point paper.

Most students will do 60 points per semester, and that usually adds up to 40 hours per week – the same as a full time job.

What to do between classes?

There are lots of things that you can do in between classes, and it’s important that you manage and prioritise your time. Senior students recommend the following:

  • Study. It is expected that full time students will complete about 40 hours of study (classes and self directed study) per week. There are lots of study rooms and spaces around Uni for you to complete assignments or readings before your next class.
  • Hang Out, Eat.
  • Get Active – Join the AUT Gym or an AUT Sport team
  • Join a Club
  • Check out what’s happening in Auckland City.

Where to buy course related textbooks?

You can find a list of course related textbooks for each of your papers in the Paper Study Guide, which is found on Blackboard.

Make sure you attend lectures in your first week as some of the textbooks in the paper study guide maybe be recommended and not required. Your lecturer will let you know.

If they are required you can get them from several different places:

  • You can borrow a book for free at the AUT Library
  • You can buy a new book at UBS Bookstore on campus
  • Printsprint sells course-related workbooks for some papers
  • People also sell and trade used textbooks on Facebook. You need someone in the group to add you in but you can normally get textbooks for a discounted price. You can also try TradeMe.

AUT speak

Download our AUT Speak info (PDF)