Parchments (graduation certificates)

A parchment is the official certificate of your qualification.

When you get a parchment

You get your parchment when you graduate. If you graduate 'in absentia' (choose not to attend a graduation ceremony), we will courier your parchment to you.  

Information shown on a parchment 

A parchment shows the following details:

  • Your legal name
  • The name of your degree
  • Date of granting of your qualification
  • Signatures of the officers of the University
  • The University seal

Lost or damaged parchments

Parchments are made from special papers guaranteed to last 500 years.

Legally you can only have one parchment for each qualification – you can’t order copies.

If you lose or damage your parchment, contact us at

Uncollected parchments

After 5 years we will archive any uncollected parchments. You'll need to pay a fee if you want your parchment after this time.