Adaptive technology for students with a disability

There are adaptive technology rooms in the library on AUT's City Campus. Many people find the equipment and software easy to use, and we can provide training if needed. 

Specialised software

Our equipment includes computers with specialised software:

  • Screen-reader for blind users (Connect Outloud)
  • Scanner and scanning software (OpenBook)
  • Enlargement software with speech output (ZoomText)
  • Speech-recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking )
  • Literacy support software (TextHelp, Read and Write).

Equipment for trial or in-class use

Other equipment available for trial or to be used in classes:

  • FM transmitter and receiver systems
  • Digital recorders
  • SmartPens
  • Magnifiers
  • Electronic dictionaries

Borrowing equipment and applying for grants

If you have an ongoing need for assistive technology, we have some items you can borrow. We can also give you advice about specialised equipment and computer software, and help you apply for grants to buy items.

Contact the Adaptive Technology Coordinator for access to our room and equipment