Exam support for students with a disability or impairment

Ask the Student Hub for help as early as you can, so that we can make sure you have support arrangements in place in time for your exams. 

Types of exam support we offer

If you have an impairment or disability that may affect your exams, we may be able to help by arranging:

  • Extra time
  • A reader or writer
  • Enlarged-print exam papers
  • Separate, distraction-free rooms
  • A word processor.

Applying for support for exams and tests

Before you sit your exams or tests, you need to apply for – and get confirmation of – any support you need. To do this you must:

  1. Collect an ‘Exam Arrangements Application’ form for each exam you need support for (or we can email it to you)
  2. Complete a form for each exam you need support for
  3. Return the form/s to Disability Student Support by the deadlines described below
  4. Check that you’ve received confirmation from us about your exam arrangements.

Application deadlines

Get your application forms to us as soon as you can so that we can confirm your exam arrangements in time for your exams. Application deadlines depend on when your exams are:

  • Exams during the semester: we must receive your application forms at least two weeks before the exam date
  • End of semester exams: we must receive your forms before the end of week 9 of each semester.

If you have end of semester exams that don’t fall into the normal 3-week period of exams, contact us for the deadlines. 

Contact the Student Hub (details and opening hours)

Checking your exam dates and times

You can find your exam and test dates and times in your programme handbook at the beginning of each semester. You can also check with your lecturers and programme administrators.