Student Hub FAQs

If you are eligible to graduate, you will receive a graduation application via your Arion correspondence. You will also receive an email notification. This will be sent before the end of June for Winter Graduation and before the end of October for Summer Graduation.

When you receive your graduation application, you will need to log into your Arion account and follow the link on the home page to complete your application online.

If you think you should have received a graduation application, please contact your programme administrator immediately.
Provisional graduation dates are available here
Your confirmed graduation date will be sent to you via your Arion correspondence closer to graduation. 
You will receive two complimentary tickets with your graduation pack which will be mailed to you a week before graduation. Please check your address on Arion is correct.
Extra tickets will be available for sale at Ticketmaster a week prior to graduation. Some graduation ceremonies are quite full so extra tickets may be limited.
Tickets cost approximately $10
You will receive an information pack three to four weeks after we receive your graduation application.
Go to this page for pricing.

If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony, you can either graduate in absentia (which means you will still graduate and your parchment will be posted to you) or you can choose to defer your graduation. If you defer your graduation, you will be postponing your graduation to the next ceremony.  You will need to update the status of your attendance by emailing the Graduation Office on Please ensure you provide your full name, student ID number, and specify whether you are choosing to graduate in absentia or wish to defer.

More details about Graduation

Go to this page
Type in your email address (previously used) and click “submit” to receive your details via email.
To apply online go to this page and follow the prompts:
After completing your online application, you will receive an email containing your login details for Arion. Arion is AUT’s online student portal where Admissions and faculty correspond with you. You will need to check your updates regularly on Arion regarding your application.
Go to this page and select “Previously-started Application” and continue with your application.
You can check the status of your application via your Arion account by logging into your account and selecting the “Correspondence” tab.
Alternatively you can check the status of your application by selecting “Academic details”  >>> “Programme Information”
The Admissions team will generally advise you through your Arion correspondence what documents you will need to submit to support your application. Login to your Arion account
Details about certifying your documents will be included in your Arion correspondence.
More information here 
A student identification card will be issued to you when:
  • We have received your photo
  • Your enrolment is complete and you are confirmed into the programme
  • You have been invoiced for fees
The card will be posted to the address that you have nominated as a mailing address, so check that your postal address is correct in Arion.
To study at AUT, you must have reached the level of University Entrance. 
University approved subjects are listed here
Applications for 2017 open on 1 October 2016.

Please refer to this page for details on accommodation:

Your Orientation tickets are sent via your Arion correspondence. If you are an international student, you will receive an email with your tickets attached.

For more details on Orientation and Orientation programmes for each faculty, please see the FAQ page

Under some circumstances, you may be eligible for a Special Consideration. You can apply by downloading the Special Consideration form via your Blackboard account. See image below:


Each faculty has their own handback procedures and set handback dates which will be available closer to the end of the semester. Your results are made available via your Blackboard account.

If you are unsure of your handback date, you can contact your faculty directly or contact the Student Hub.

Information about your exam should be available online via your Blackboard account. Alternatively you can contact your programme administrator for your exam timetable.
You can find any staff member by using the staff directory
If you are a first year student, your faculty automatically enrols you into your first year papers. Some faculties will advise you to enrol on Arion under “Academic Details” - select “Class Enrolment”
If you do not hear from your faculty by January 2017 please contact the them directly.
If you are a returning student (second year onwards) you will need to contact your programme administrator to discuss your papers.

You can view your timetable via your Arion account under “Academic Details” - select “Timetable” 
You will need to inform your programme administrator who will be able to assist in changing your timetable.
If you want to change class times, you will need to contact your programme administrator.

You can order in person on campus, or online in Arion

Please update your address and contact details under “Personal Details” in Arion before ordering.

Under "Online finance", click on "Sundry Items". You can choose either to have your transcript posted or to pick it up yourself.

  1. To have it posted, choose the first item, “standard order on a hard copy” of the transcript. The cost is $20, and it will be folded and posted by standard mail (Fast Post within New Zealand and Airmail to international addresses).
    Dispatch of an online order will normally be within –three to five working days though there are instances when there may be delays due to the age of the qualification.
  2. To order a transcript to be picked up from the Student Hub choose ‘premium’ request. The cost is $40.  It can be ordered and paid for online in advance or in person.
Instructions for obtaining a transcript
AUT City campus

AUT City Campus

55 Wellesley Street East

Auckland Central

Auckland 1010

Getting to AUT City Campus

PDF campus map
AUT North campus

AUT North Campus

90 Akoranga Drive


Auckland 0627

Getting to AUT North Campus

PDF campus map
AUT South campus

AUT South Campus

640 Great South Road

Manukau City

South Auckland

Getting to AUT South Campus

PDF campus map

If you would like to book a campus tour and any other services from our On Campus team, please click here

Minimum entry requirements for international students at AUT include:

  1. Proof of language proficiency:
    Applicants for whom English is a second language must have an IELTS (academic) score or equivalent (provide information on AUT academic calendar
  2. Academic entry requirements
Undergraduate minimum overseas qualifications
Postgraduate minimum overseas qualifications
Please see this page for tuition fees
Other compulsory fees (in addition to tuition fees):
  • Enrolment Fee $150
  • 2017 Compulsory Student Services Fee - $614.80 for 120-point programmes or $5.12 per academic point (GST incl.)
  • 2017 Building Levy - $68.20 for 120-point programmes or $0.57 per academic point (GST incl.)

Assessment period (According to University Admissions Office):

Application Processing Times:

Complete applications for postgraduate programmes will take approximately –four to six weeks to process.

Complete applications for undergraduate programmes will take approximately –five to seven days to process.

If your application is incomplete (i.e. documents are missing) you will be notified and your application will not be processed any further. Processing will recommence once all the required information has been received and the above timelines will restart.

Semester 1, 2017
  • Applicants who need a visa for New Zealand should apply before 9 December 2016
  • Applicants from visa-free countries should apply before 13 January 2017
Semester 2, 2017
  • We recommend you apply before 12 May 2017
Visit the Immigration NZ website to see if you need a Visa for New Zealand

Programmes with other application deadlines:
Please note that some programmes have a specific closing date.  If this applies to the programme you wish to apply for, the closing date will be included in the course information.
  • Applications for research-only programmes (Master of Philosophy, Master of Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy) are accepted throughout the year.
  • Professional doctorates: the coursework component normally starts in the first semester. Applicants should have their admission confirmed by 30 November of the previous year.
  • For the following programmes that start at the end of October each year it is recommended that you apply before the end of September:
  1. Master of Professional Accounting and Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate in Professional Accounting
  2. Master of Applied Finance and Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Finance
  3. Master of Global Business and Postgraduate Diploma in Global Business
  4. Master of Marketing and Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

  • Non visa-free countries: your application will automatically be processed for the following intake. You will be advised accordingly.
  • Visa-free countries: your application will be processed if places are available in the programme. If there are no available places, your application will automatically be processed for the following intake, and you will be advised accordingly.

Please note: It is your responsibility to have the correct AUT visa to complete your enrolment. Access to University services will not be approved if enrolment is not complete.

If you are living in New Zealand and hold a current student visa, your application will be processed up to the start of the semester if places are available in the programme.

Please note: It is your responsibility to have the correct AUT visa to complete your enrolment. Access to University services will not be approved if enrolment is not complete.

Prior formal learning undertaken within five years of the first date of enrolment into the AUT programme may qualify for RPL credit. This is called cross-crediting papers.

Applications for RPL follow this process:

  1. Student applies to AUT to enrol in their chosen programme.
  2. Student's application is assessed after all application documents are received.
  3. Eligible applicant will be offered a place to study with AUT.
  4. Student confirms their Offer of Place
  5. Student is then eligible to apply for RPL. You can download the RPL form online here
  6. Student completes RPL form, provides a verified copy of academic results, detailed paper descriptors, and $73.60 assessment fee.
  7. Once AUT receives the form, the faculty will then assess according to previous academic records or work experience.
  8. Faculty will respond to the student, confirming which papers they can cross credit to AUT.

More information on RPL

Payment options are here for domestic students, and here for international students. 
If you are unable to pay your fees by the due date, you must contact the Student Hub and let us know when you expect your fees to be paid. You will still be at risk of the following AUT services being suspended.
  • Access to your AUT computer network
  • Blackboard, Library services, Student Digital Workspace, Webmail and printing
If you have received a confirmation letter from StudyLink advising of a date that they will pay your fees to AUT, you do not need to contact the Student Hub.

Invoices and final reminders will still be sent to you as they are automatically generated.
When you have paid your fees in full, you will receive a “Fees zero balance statement” in your Arion correspondence.

Domestic students who have paid their own fees are required to complete a refund form.

If your fees have been paid through StudyLink, you are not required to complete a refund form, however you must ask the Student Hub to request a refund. The fees will be directly refunded to StudyLink.

The refund form for international students can be found here.

You need to visit the StudyLink website to complete a contract for your student loan or allowance, see link below:

If you would like to receive a Student Allowance, please ensure you complete details for Student Allowance in your contract.

All students are required to complete a new loan contract each year.  Check with StudyLink if you have an incomplete contract.

Yes. You need to inform StudyLink of any changes that are made to your enrolment including:
  • Withdrawing from a paper
  • Adding a paper, including for summer school
  • Changing your programme of study
  • Withdrawal from your programme

You will need to find another way to pay your fees. Contact the Student Hub to discuss possible options.
While you may have applied for a Student Loan, your fee payment is your responsibility and we will continue to send you automated reminders until your fees are paid.

You should contact StudyLink or view MyStudyLink online, to ensure that your loan details are complete.

AUT and StudyLink exchange information electronically each day.

StudyLink sends a Verification of Study (VOS) request to AUT for all students who have completed their Student Loan application and have signed the contract.

AUT responds with information about your study and fees. (Please ensure that you have given StudyLink your correct course start date.)

The payment will be made two weeks before your course starts or seven days from the date of your first Loan Entitlement Advice (LEA) letter is sent to you - whichever is later. The date and amount of payment will show on your LEA letter.

Please go to to login with your Student ID number and password.

If you have forgotten your password, underneath the Sign In button, click on "Forgot Password?", enter your ID number, and you will be emailed a temporary password.

The temporary password will be sent to the email address you have provided on Arion.

After logging into your Arion account, you need to select “My Finances” then select “Pay”. Locate and select the unpaid invoice, then click "Proceed", then click "Pay Now". You will be directed to the Payment Express page to make a payment. 
Log into your Student Digital Workspace to view your timetable under "My Dashboard".
You are more than welcome to email your documents directly to our Admissions team on Please ensure when emailing your documents, you provide your full name and student ID number in the subject line. This will enable our Admissions team to locate your profile and upload the documents on your behalf.

Click on “My Academic Details” then select “My Results” to view your results.

Please note, you will only be able to see your overall grade for a paper through Arion. If you wish to see your individual assignment grades you will need to login to your Blackboard account.

Blackboard is the learning management system for online learning and teaching. Arion is the student management system that records all student details and enrolments. You should access Arion to change details such as your addresses and to enroll for courses.

Your password to access Blackboard can only be changed by changing your network password. This is done through the network services page:  or by contacting the ICT Service Desk who will be able to do it on your behalf:

0800 288 428

or 09 921 9888

You can do this within Blackboard by clicking on the top right hand side next to your name. Click on the drop-down link and select the “My Grade” Icon to view your grades.

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The information on this page was correct at time of publication. For a comprehensive overview of AUT qualifications, please refer to the Academic Calendar.