Go to this page
Type in your email address (previously used) and click “submit” to receive your details via email.
To apply online go to this page and follow the prompts:
After completing your online application, you will receive an email containing your login details for Arion. Arion is AUT’s online student portal where Admissions and faculty correspond with you. You will need to check your updates regularly on Arion regarding your application.
Go to this page and select “Previously-started Application” and continue with your application.
You can check the status of your application via your Arion account by logging into your account and selecting the “Correspondence” tab.
Alternatively you can check the status of your application by selecting “Academic details”  >>> “Programme Information”
The Admissions team will generally advise you through your Arion correspondence what documents you will need to submit to support your application. Login to your Arion account
Details about certifying your documents will be included in your Arion correspondence.
More information here 
A student identification card will be issued to you when:
  • We have received your photo
  • Your enrolment is complete and you are confirmed into the programme
  • You have been invoiced for fees
The card will be posted to the address that you have nominated as a mailing address, so check that your postal address is correct in Arion.