Annual Programme Survey: tell us about your experience at AUT

We want you to be successful in your studies. In the Annual Programme Survey, we want you to tell us what you think about life and learning at AUT. Through your responses to this survey, you help AUT improve the quality of your learning experience, which in turn gives you the best chance of achieving your educational goals.

Results from past Annual Programme Surveys are available via the navigation panel on this page.

What is the Annual Programme Survey?

The Annual Programme Survey (APS) is a short survey that gathers information about:

  • Your satisfaction with your experience of AUT
  • Your satisfaction with different aspects of your programme of study
  • Your overall satisfaction with each paper you’ve studied during that year

Students are surveyed once a year, usually around the middle of Semester 2.

Who will be surveyed?

All students enrolled in a programme of 60 points or more, and at least in one paper other than a thesis or dissertation.

What happens to the information you supply?

All feedback is aggregated to make sure individual responses can’t be identified.

We use the data to create customised Programme Action Reports (PARs) for each faculty. These focus on the priority areas for improvement, as indicated by you. Sometimes whole papers or programmes are in need of improvement, but it’s usually just one or two particular aspects, like workload, assessment or organisation.

The deputy dean of each faculty develops an action plan to address the issues that are identified in the PARs. These action plans are given to AUT senior management, AUTSA, and of course to you: the students of AUT.

More information

Go to our FAQs section to find out more about how we ensure your confidentiality and use the survey result.