Postgraduate Research Experience Survey

We want you to be motivated, challenged, inspired and successful in your research endeavours. In the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey, we want to know about your experience of completing a postgraduate research qualification at AUT University.

What does the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey do for me?

Feedback from postgraduate research students helps us to monitor and improve the experience of postgraduate research students and the research environment at AUT.

The information you provide is used to assess the quality of the research supervision, resources, support services, and facilities available to you as a student.

Surveys@AUT summarises the feedback you provide so we can report your accolades and concerns to the Graduate Research School.

Key results from the 2016 survey:

In 2016, all postgraduate research students* were invited to provide feedback in the 2016 Postgraduate Research Experience Survey.

A comprehensive report was prepared for the Graduate Research School. Survey results revealed:
  • 83% of postgraduate research students indicated that they were satisfied with their overall research experience at AUT
  • 88% of postgraduate research students were satisfied with the quality of supervision they experienced at AUT
  • 77% of postgraduate research students were satisfied with the organisation of their programme
  • 78% of postgraduate research students were satisfied with the resources and facilities
  • 83% of those surveyed agreed that postgraduate research experience had contributed to their career development
* who started a thesis or dissertation before 31st March 2016

Congratulations to our 2016 winners

Brenda Kiernan (iPad2 16GB WiFi)
Tim Young (iPad2 16GB WiFi)
Chi Tat Cheung ($100 Westfield voucher)
Hossain Md. Akbar ($100 Westfield voucher)

More information

Go to our FAQs section to find out more about how we ensure your confidentiality and use the survey results.