Postgraduate Survey of Student Engagement: tell us about your learning experience at AUT

Your responses to the Postgraduate Survey of Student Engagement help the University to enhance your postgraduate learning experience through the assessment of your level of engagement in your coursework.

What is the Postgraduate Survey of Student Engagement?

Managed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), the Postgraduate Survey of Student Engagement (POSSE) and the Australasian Survey of Student Engagement (AUSSE) go hand-in-hand. The POSSE aims to evaluate the engagement of postgraduate students with their coursework. In order to do this, the POSSE is administered to a sample of postgraduate students enrolled in coursework.

The POSSE covers the following aspects:

  • Active learning: your efforts to actively construct your knowledge
  • Engagement with coursework: the extent to which you engage with your course content
  • Student and staff interactions: the level and nature of your contact with teaching staff
  • Enriching educational experiences: your participation in developmental educational activities
  • Supportive learning environment: your feelings of support within the university community
  • Work integrated learning: integration of employment focused work experiences into study

Who will be surveyed?

Postgraduate students who are enrolled in papers involving coursework and who have completed at least one semester of a postgraduate coursework qualification.

What happens to the information you provide?

Your responses will go directly to ACER. They don’t have any private or personal information about you, and individual respondents can’t be identified in any data or reports.

The data help AUT support your learning and development, determine the value added by a university experience to your curriculum, manage resources, monitor academic standards and learning outcomes, and monitor programmes and services, as well as attract and retain students like you.

Prize Winners

 PSSE 2013 winners

From Left to Right: Malhar Ganla (iPad), Koru Vaulter ($100 Westfield voucher), Razia Rahman ($100 Westfield voucher)

More information

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