Bart Frijns

Professor of Empirical Finance

How risky are financial investments? AUT’s Professor Bart Frijns could tell you. His work, which involves data modelling and econometric analysis, means he spends a lot of time studying stock market data, prices and volumes, how risky assets are, how they change over time and the dynamic relationship between assets.

Past research has seen Professor Frijns delve into financial market microstructures and the price formation process. He’s interested in how prices get built, and how quickly and through what channels neWZ gets incorporated into stock prices.

In a more recent line of research he has focused on the role of culture in financial decision making. Like people all across the world, New Zealanders like to invest in local assets even though holding an internationally diversified portfolio could reduce their risk substantially.

He says that cultural determinants have a huge impact on financial decisions. “We don’t like to invest overseas because we don’t know the people, their organisations or how they work. The issues around culture and finance explain a lot of the anomalies in financial markets that can’t be explained with financial models."

In 2007 he was involved in the design of a questionnaire for the Dutch government looking at financial literacy in Dutch households. “Most people don’t understand their mortgages or how they work for example. It’s a huge issue but improving it is an even bigger issue,” he claims.

Originally from the Netherlands, Professor Frijns completed his PhD at Maastricht University on stock price dynamics and volatility. He’s been at AUT since 2004 with stints back at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark as a visiting lecturer and Radboud University in the Netherlands as an assistant professor.

Professor Frijns is the Director of AUT’s Auckland Centre for Financial Research, which focuses on financial econometrics, corporate finance and governance, banking and financial institutions and financial markets. He is also an external member of the Erasmus Center for Behavioral Finance, a certified Financial Risk Manager and a Senior Affiliate of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

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