Chemistry at AUT: an overview

Chemistry at AUT ranges in level from the pre-degree foundation course to the Ph.D degree.

The Research staff in Chemistry are:

In addition, Heather Aspeling is a full-time Chemistry tutor.

Key academic contact

Allan Blackman

Professor Allan Blackman
Head of Chemistry
Phone: +64 9 921 9642

Research interests and associations

Our research interests include the following:

  • Synthesis, structure and reactivity of coordination complexes
  • Bioinorganic chemistry
  • Organic synthesis and catalysis
  • Ionic liquids and their uses
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Biochemistry

Below are some representative papers from the academic staff in Chemistry

Rapid photoactivated generation of nitroxyl (HNO) under neutral pH conditions. Zhou, Yang; Cink, Ruth B.; Dassanayake, Rohan S.; Seed, Alexander J.; Brasch, Nicola E.; Sampson, Paul, Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, 2016, 55, 13229-13232.

Tandem Allylboration-Prins Reaction for the Rapid Construction of Substituted Tetrahydropyrans: Application to the Total Synthesis of (-)-Clavosolide A. Millan, Alba; Smith, James R.; Chen, Jack L.-Y.; Aggarwal, Varinder K. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, 2016, 55, 2498-2502.

Linking the structures, free volumes, and properties of ionic liquid mixtures. Brooks, Nicholas J.; Castiglione, Franca; Doherty, Cara M.; Dolan, Andrew; Hill, Anita J.; Hunt, Patricia A.; Matthews, Richard P.; Mauri, Michele; Mele, Andrea; Simonutti, Roberto; Villar-Garcia, Ignacio J.; Weber, Cameron C.; Welton, Tom, Chemical Science, 2017, 8, 6359-6374.

Multifrequency cw-EPR and DFT Studies of an Apparent Compressed Octahedral Cu(II) Complex. Hall, Nikita; Orio, Maylis; Gennari, Marcello; Wills, Christopher; Molton, Florian; Philouze, Christian; Jameson, Geoffrey B.; Halcrow, Malcolm A.; Blackman, Allan G.; Duboc, Carole, Inorganic Chemistry, 2016, 55, 1497-1504.

Leaf Stable Isotope and Nutrient Status of Temperate Mangroves as Ecological Indicators to assess Anthropogenic Activity and Recovery from Eutrophication. Gritcan, Iana; Duxbury, Mark; Leuzinger, Sebastian; Alfaro, Andrea. C., Frontiers in Plant Science, 2016, 7, 1922.

Degrees and qualifications



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