Terms and definitions

The following is a glossary of the terms that are used on AUT’s application forms.

  • Agent: AUT has a network of registered agents around the world who can provide information about AUT programmes and New Zealand Government regulations. Staff in these offices can assist you in making an application to AUT University and provide you with brochures and application forms.

  • Certification of documents: The process of verification (also known as certification or notarisation) of photocopied documents (e.g. a birth certificate, a passport, an academic transcript), that confirms the photocopied document is a ‘true copy’ of the original. This is an important step. AUT registered agents may do this for you.

  • Conditional Offer of Place: An offer of place that states certain conditions which need to be met before a formal offer of place can be made.

  • International status: You are an international applicant if you are NOT a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand or Australia, or a citizen of the Cook Islands, Tokelau or Niue.

  • IELTS:  is an International English Language Testing System (academic version) for students who need a qualification for their English language proficiency in order to be able to study at a New Zealand university. The test normally has to have been completed within two years of the application to a programme.

  • Offer of Place: A formal Offer of Place is issued if your application is successful. It is a contractual document and requires signing and dating by both the applicant and AUT University. It has an expiry date and needs to be accepted by that date.

  • Postgraduate: Advanced level of study at postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, bachelors degree with honours, masters or doctoral level, or papers above level 7.

  • Programme: The name of your overall qualification, eg Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc). AUT programmes range from certificates and diplomas, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate certificate and diplomas, to postgraduate certificates and diplomas, master’s degrees and doctorates.

  • Programme code:A unique code for each programme found in Programme Guides or on the AUT website (e.g. AK3680).

  • Semester: A standard term of the academic year, normally 15 weeks in duration.

  • TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign Language is also recognised and has entry equivalencies in paper-based and internet based scores. The test normally has to have been completed within two years of the application to a programme

  • Undergraduate: A level of study at certificate, diploma, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or bachelors degree level, or papers up to and including level 7.

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The information on this page was correct at time of publication. For a comprehensive overview of AUT qualifications, please refer to the Academic Calendar.