Study Law at AUT South Campus

A law degree prepares you for legal practice and opens doors to a wide range of rewarding careers. If you have a passion for law and social justice, a love of words and language, enjoy reading, solving problems and articulating reasoned and logical arguments then you should study law.

Bachelor of Laws at the South Campus

Studying law with us is a challenging but stimulating experience. The AUT law degree is theoretically and practically focused. It provides you with a relevant and high quality legal education that will be your gateway to the profession.

Bachelor of Laws at the AUT South Campus

Certificate in Legal Studies at the South Campus

The Certificate in Legal Studies offers an introduction to law in New Zealand and includes papers from the Bachelor of Laws. It's ideal for students who aren’t quite ready to commit to a full law degree or who have an overseas law degree and need to complete CLE’s requirements to practise law in New Zealand. 

Certificate in Legal Studies at the AUT South Campus 

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