Before you apply - things to consider

This page has information about what to consider before you apply to AUT - including if you are a domestic or international student, the minimum age to study at AUT, English language requirements and how we assess your suitability for study.

What you should know before you apply to AUT

To help you apply and to avoid disappointment you should consider the following:
For all applicants we look at general admission requirements – your age, suitability for study and student category (domestic or international student).

All students must also meet requirements for English language proficiency either through NCEA or equivalent; or in the case of most AUT programmes the qualifying degree or award for entry must have been taught and assessed in English. In all other cases another form of English language testing is required.

Domestic or international student: which category applies to you?

  • Different rules and processes for domestic and international students
  • Important that you apply under the correct category.

This is a legal requirement and vital to get right

You are a domestic student if you are one of the following:

  • A NZ citizen, which includes citizens of the Cook Island, Niue and Tokelau
  • A holder of a NZ residence class visa currently living in NZ
  • An Australian citizen currently living in NZ
  • An Australian permanent resident with a returning resident’s visa and currently living in NZ
  • Diplomatic personnel and certain dependants
  • An international student enrolling in a recognised Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme in a NZ university from 19 April 2005 and supervised by a leading NZ university researcher

If you are unsure of your status contact the Student Hub.

Domestic students - find out how to apply

International students - find out how to apply

Age: do you meet the minimum age requirements?

  • There are government rules about the age of applicants who can study at tertiary level
  • Minimum age when study begins: 16 for domestic students, 18 for international students
  • Additional conditions apply for younger students

Information for international students under 18

Student capability: how we assess your suitability for study

  • We need to make sure you can achieve the academic standards of the qualification
  • Factors considered include: your academic history, previous experience and other relevant information

English language requirements: ways to prove you have the required level of English

  • If English, Māori or NZ Sign Language is not your first language, you need to prove you have the minimum level of English for your AUT qualification.
  • We need to assess your level of English to ensure you can succeed in your programme.
  • AUT does not accept responsibility if you fail courses because of a lack of competence in English.

1. International students at NZ secondary schools

2. Students with school, college or university qualifications gained outside NZ

Applying on the basis of a non-NZ qualification? Use your official results for one of the following tests or qualifications to meet the English language requirements. Results can be up to 2 years old.
IELTS – Academic
AUT English language programmes
Qualifications taught and assessed in English
  • You can use the official results of an academic qualification completed in a country where English is the main language:
    • Must have been taught and assessed in English - evidence is required.
    • Must be at an appropriate level.

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