Refunds, changes and withdraws

As a domestic student at AUT you may be entitled to a refund if you change your programme of study, withdraw from your programme or transfer to another institution.

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Find out more about refunds for domestic students

The following information is a guide. To see our full fees and refunds protocol refer to the AUT Calendar section on Payment and Refund of Fees.

Requesting a fee refund

Complete the Fee Refund Form

Submitting your request for a refund

  • Email the required documents (in PDF format) to
    - don't forget to include your student ID number and full name in the subject line of your email
  • Remember to include printed confirmation of your bank account details, showing account holder name and account number (eg bank statement or deposit slip)
  • If you require the refund to be made to a third party then include printed confirmation of the third party's bank account details (eg bank deposit slip) and remember to sign the form authorising this
  • Bring the completed form to the AUT Student Hub
  • Mail the completed application form to: University Fees Office, Auckland University of Technology, Private Bag 92006, Auckland 1142

Receiving your refund

  • Refunds are paid directly into a bank account - we don't issue cheques
  • Refunds can take up to 14 days to appear in the nominated bank account
  • Refunds to Study Link are automatically identified by AUT - you don't necessarily need to do anything to make it happen

Changing your programme of study

To change your programme of study you need:

  • Departmental approval for both the withdrawal from one programme and acceptance into another
  • If approved, the department or departments will notify Student Administration of the change
  • Student Administration will update your student record and recalculate the fees which will result in an amount payable, refundable or no charge
  • There may be an administration charge of $10 per paper within the programme that you’re withdrawing from

Withdrawing from a programme of study

If you withdraw from individual papers or your whole programme of study, the following rules apply to fees:

Change of application Refund Admin charge Result recorded
Completed less than 10% of paper duration
100% Nil
No result recorded
Completed between 10% and 75% of paper duration Nil
Nil Withdrawn result recorded
After 75% of paper
duration completed
Nil Nil Did not complete result recorded

Refunds for examination fees

The following criteria for NZQA external examinations or assessment/moderation refunds apply:

Date of course amendment request Refund due
Before paper commences 100%
After paper commences 90%

Refund of $25 NZQA fee

You will receive a full refund of your registration fee if you withdraw before the fee is forwarded, or if NZQA refunds you because you have hooked-on elsewhere.

Refund of unit standard fees

You will receive a full refund of any registration or credit fees paid for unit standards unless that money has already been forwarded to NZQA. If you withdraw after this process has taken place, you will need to contact NZQA directly.

Transfer to another tertiary institution

To transfer to another tertiary institution you need to:

  • Make an application to your faculty
  • State your reasons for transfer
  • Supply proof of acceptance from the new institution

Any refund will be calculated on a 'pro rata' basis dependent on the length of course. There is a charge of $50 for this service.

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