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Residential Accommodation

You must book a minimum of 4 weeks. You can only book residential accommodation for the same length of time as your course. You can only extend by whole course modules. Subject to availability.

If you cancel your residential accommodation at least 4 weeks before your course is due to begin, a refund of all fees is made except for the placement fee. If you cancel your residential accommodation less than 4 weeks before your course is due to begin AUT International House will not refund the first 4 weeks that you have paid, but will refund all other fees except the placement fee.

If you cancel your residential accommodation while you are living there, 4 weeks notice will be required. AUT International House will refund the balance. The full bond will be refunded if the room and unit are damage free. The placement fee will not be refunded.

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International Students must have appropriate and current Medical & Travel Insurance while studying in New Zealand. AUT International House will arrange Medical & Travel Insurance with Uni-Care on your behalf. Insurance for the length of the your course will be added to your Statement of Fees. Please ask AUT IH if you require us to arrange insurance for you. We recommend Uni-care Travel & Medical Insurance (Premier Partnership Plan).

If you wish to arrange Medical & Travel Insurance yourself, you will need to provide proof of such as a copy of your policy to be able to confirm your enrolment. Travel & Medical Insurance must be arranged before course commencement for the duration of the course. Students will not be permitted to start class without insurance.

For more information please visit:

I will require AUT IH to arrange Medical & Travel Insurance for me
I will arrange Medical & Travel Insurance myself and will provide a copy of my policy on the first day of my course


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