Roneel Sharan

Roneel Sharan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Doctor of Philosophy

When he discovered his passion for research, Roneel Sharan knew the Doctor of Philosophy was the logical next step in his career.

“As a professor once said to me, a PhD is an apprenticeship for research. Before I came to AUT, I was working as an academic and developed an interest in doing research. The Doctor of Philosophy was therefore the natural path for me,” says the AUT engineering alumnus who is now a postdoctoral research fellow in biomedical engineering at the University of Queensland.

“My PhD research was in the area of sound event recognition, which is essentially a pattern recognition problem, similar to automatic speech recognition and fingerprint recognition. The aim of my research was to improve the sound recognition rate in the presence of environmental noise. Pattern recognition requires a high degree of numerical analysis, which highly interests me.”

Choosing AUT
There were a number of factors that attracted him to AUT for his doctoral studies, says Roneel who came to AUT as an international student.

“While AUT is a relatively new university, it’s already one of the largest in New Zealand, with internationally recognised research programmes, good research facilities, and well-qualified and experienced staff.

“AUT is also a truly multicultural university, located in the heart of Auckland which is constantly ranked amongst the most liveable cities in the world. When I received a Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship to support my studies, it was an opportunity too good to pass up.”

There have been many highlights throughout Roneel’s studies, including the opportunity to attend a number of international conferences.

“One of the conferences I got to attend was the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing; widely considered to be the premier conference in the area of signal processing. I was invited to a student career luncheon with researchers and professionals from companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Verizon – a great opportunity to know more about these companies and their work.”

Growing as a researcher
He thoroughly enjoyed the research environment at AUT, Roneel says.

“As a PhD student, my research was a key priority for me and I liked the environment and supervision provided at AUT. My supervisor, Associate Professor Tom Moir, guided me where necessary but also gave me the freedom to explore and develop new techniques on my own. I really enjoyed that.”

While the journey of a PhD student isn’t always easy, doctoral study is a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge and grow as a researcher, he adds.

“My time at AUT has helped broaden my knowledge and skillset, and enabled me to make new professional contacts and friends from all over the world. The research experience at AUT has also helped me get a postdoctoral research fellowship at a highly ranked university in Australia.”

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