FAQs about tertiary study

How long does a degree take to complete?

  • A full-time degree is usually completed over a three-year period
  • Students must pass certain requisites each year to be able to proceed to the following year
  • Some degrees are very structured, with mostly compulsory papers, eg law or midwifery. Other degrees are broad and students can choose subjects as long as they cover off some essentials
How long is a lecture?
The length of a lecture can depend on the programme and method of delivery. They can range from 50 minutes or 1 hour through to 2 hours.

How long is a semester?

Each semester is 15 weeks. The tertiary year consists of two semesters: Late February/March to late June, and mid-July to mid-November.

How many papers do students take each semester?
Your daughter/son will enrol in 3 or 4 papers each semester. While most papers are 15 weeks (one semester), there are some that take two semesters to complete. These papers are worth more credits towards the student's degree.

How many hours should a student spend studying outside of the classroom?
This can vary depending on the programme. For each paper a student should do at least 2 hours of extra study outside of their lectures.

Are lecture notes online?
This depends on the programme and lecturer. Many programmes post their lecture notes online.

What about class attendance?

It's important for students to go to class and many programmes will have a class attendance requirement. Attending class increases students' chance of being successful and passing the paper.

What student support services does AUT offer?
AUT offers some of the most comprehensive student services and support in New Zealand - from the time students accept an offer to study at AUT until they finish their last assignment. Student services range from Orientation programmes to help new students settle into university life to academic support services, advice on budgeting and money matters, to career planning advice. Student services and facilities at AUT

Where does my son/daughter get his/her timetable?

They can access their timetable through Arion

Is there WIFI access to the internet?

Is it a good idea to buy a laptop?
For most courses, it's not compulsory for students to own a PC or laptop but it can make a big difference because all AUT papers have an online component and having access to a computer is important. However, if a student doesn't have computer access at home or a laptop, there are computers on campus.

How can I support my child while they are studying?

By understanding the challenges of university study, you can give your child the support they need to succeed at AUT. Things you can do to support your child while studying:
  • Understand that university workload can be like a full-time job - when assignments are due or exams are held, students spend a lot of time studying and completing research
  • Help them develop their time management and organisational skills
  • Provide a quiet place for study
  • Help them to stay motivated
  • Offer to proofread and check assignments

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