PhD and Research degrees at AUT

AUT researchers are interested in conducting research that matters and can meet the future challenges New Zealand faces. Research at AUT is changing the world we live in. Students and researchers share a unique vision and collaborate to push their understanding of the world forward - discovering and contributing to industry, professions and the community. With a number of highly established research institutes and high profile professors, AUT is one of the fastest growing research universities in New Zealand.

Research degrees

AUT offers you a wide range of research degree options, ranging from: 

  1. Masters degrees
  2. Professional doctorates
  3. PhDs (Doctor of Philosophy)

We offer PhD programmes in:

Other doctorates we offer: 

A PhD challenges you to make a significant and original contribution to knowledge in your field by developing new ideas, or new ways of approaching existing problems.

Through the course of your PhD, you will help develop new theories, methodologies and models that may shape the future of your profession or discipline.

At AUT, students normally:
  • complete a literature review
  • develop and refine a research problem
  • present a research theory at a confirmation seminar
  • complete a program of research which tests the theory
  • complete a final thesis or dissertation of findings.

What can I research?

Depending on the faculty you study in, you can either design your own topic for research, or choose from suggested student topics. If you are designing your own topic, we strongly suggest aligning the topic with one of our research areas.

Who should consider a PhD?

A PhD is ideal if you:
  • want to make a significant original contribution to your field
  • plan to pursue a career in industry, government or academia
  • are self-motivated and able to commit to a large-scale project over several years.

How long will a PhD take? 

A PhD usually takes 3 years to complete.

Who do I contact?

Email the Graduate Research School at regarding relevant documentation the University will require to consider your admission into the programme.

Further information on admission requirements and documentation required for assessment

How much will it cost? 

You may be eligible for a scholarship to help cover your costs while you're studying.

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