3D Printing Lab


The 3D Printing Lab has the tools to help you mediate between digital and physical design. A multitude of hardware and software technologies are combined in the 3D Lab including a laser cutter and a variety of 3D Printers. We welcome designers, artists, architectural designers, engineers, curious creatives and anyone else that would like to fabricate using either 2D vector or 3D computer files.

The 3D Printing Lab provides the community with access to high-end technologies revolving around computer modeling and visualization of multi-dimensional environments as they apply to nearly any discipline. The Lab’s resources are available for students, faculty, staff and external partners interested in the exploration of innovative ways for the communication of information, the visualization of complex worlds and processes and the creative expression of ideas.

More information

Website: www.3dl.aut.ac.nz
Email: threedprinting@aut.ac.nz
Phone: 921 9999 ext 6268

Last updated: 25-Aug-2016 9.55am

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