Narjis Mirza

Narjis Mirza

Doctor of Philosophy candidate

AUT’s art and design programmes offer a creative and happening environment, says Narjis Mirza who is currently completing her Doctor of Philosophy.

“AUT gives me the opportunity to be part of an active community of artists, designers and research scholars. The support and the enthusiasm for exploring and encouraging new ideas is something you feel right from the application process.

“I would recommend doctoral study in art and design to anyone interested in producing artwork while completing research studies. It’s a designed programme, so it helps you create an organised and focused programme of study that will help you make a significant contribution to a particular field of knowledge.”

An easy choice
Interested in exploring virtual and augmented reality through an Islamic philosophical lens, Narjis looked for a university with the resources to explore future technologies and an interest in the works of Persian philosopher Mulla Sadra.

“I was contacting universities and supervisors all over the world, and Dr Janine Randerson at AUT took an interest in my research proposal, helped me develop it further and advised me to apply for funding at AUT.

“The online guidance, the application process, the feedback and interest from supervisors motivated me to commit to AUT, and travel more than 13,000km to New Zealand,” says Narjis who came to AUT as an international student from Pakistan, supported by the AUT Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship.

She believes her research will bridge Islamic philosophical thought and new media technology.

“While western philosophy has examined new media technology extensively, the confluence of eastern philosophy with virtual reality is still a new subject. I plan to expand this dialogue through concept films and VR experiments.”

Support and opportunities
She is enjoying the many opportunities on offer, Narjis says.

“I recently got to try out the motion capture facilities at AUT, and it was fun to work within a team and experience motion capture. The process we went through was similar to how it’s done for movies. For me, this was an experience I couldn’t have anywhere but AUT.”

The supportive environment is another highlight of her studies, she says.

“I arrived in New Zealand earlier this year, and the biggest challenge for me was to find suitable accommodation. Fortunately, I had emotional and practical support from students and staff. Everyone was very helpful in making sure I was on the right path to finding a place to stay.”

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