Sena Shimotsuma

Sena Shimotsuma

3rd-year student, Bachelor of Business in Market Insights: Marketing, Advertising, Retailing, Sales

Digital marketing would be his dream career, says Sena Shimotsuma who came to AUT as an international student from Japan.

“I would love to work as a digital marketer. In addition to my studies, I’m creating YouTube videos to tell people about how amazing New Zealand is as a country and as a destination for studying abroad. It would be great to be able to promote New Zealand to international students and visitors through digital marketing and YouTube videos.”

While he is currently in the final year of his business degree, Sena’s videos have already attracted the attention of Education New Zealand.

“I was recently offered the opportunity to join the Kiwi Ambassador programme, creating videos for Education New Zealand. Studying marketing at AUT has helped me better engage with my viewers and thus gain recognition in the education industry.”

Choosing AUT
He’s always been passionate about communicating with people, Sena says.

“One of my dreams is to promote Japanese confectionery and desserts around the world because my father designs and creates traditional Japanese cakes. I decided to study marketing because it involves communicating the value of goods or services to potential consumers. I’m also minoring in international business to gain insight into conducting business overseas and improve my ability to promote Japan in various countries.”

Choosing where to study was easy, he says.

“AUT has the reputation of being the most practical university in New Zealand and I liked that the degree included workplace experience. I wanted to have work experience while studying at university, so AUT was the best choice for me.”

Creating career-ready graduates
Being able to work individually as well as in teams has been a highlight for him, Sena says.

“Each paper has both individual and group assignments. Through group assignments, I’ve learnt to be a team leader, motivate others and collaborate with them in order to finish the assignments.

“AUT has also helped me develop my creative and critical thinking skills, and taught me the importance of expressing my thoughts and sharing my opinions with others. These skills are important because creative and critical thinking leads to innovation.”

Now in his final semester, Sena is currently completing his third-year workplace experience at ACG (Academic Colleges Group).

“ACG is the largest private school in New Zealand and I’m excited to learn new techniques and knowledge, as well as applying the theories and concepts I’ve learnt at AUT to actual international marketing situations.”

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