Mike Ward

mike ward

Area Sales Manager – Australasia, Guardian Industries
Master of Business Administration

When Mike Ward began the AUT MBA programme he was hoping to achieve personal and professional growth. By the end of his MBA studies, he had met his wife (a fellow MBA student), become a father and started his own business.

Now, the AUT business alumnus runs a consultancy firm in the building and construction industry. Despite being accepted to the MBA based on ten years’ management experience, Mike says it was AUT that gave him the confidence and motivation to start his own business.

“AUT helped me jump several levels of goals in one step. I always planned to start a business after my studies but I did not know what it would be exactly or where to start. I would not have had this opportunity without the MBA.”

Study that fits around your work

Mike chose AUT’s MBA programme because he believed it offered the most flexibility around work commitments and a more interactive approach to teaching. By the end of his studies, those qualities were even more highly prized.

“One of the greatest challenges for me was making the commitment to the papers while working full-time and starting a new business. The programme leaders were understanding and completely supportive in assisting me with timetable adjustments and even leave to go overseas.

“The industry knowledge of academic staff also stood out for me. I really benefited from the high calibre of the staff and learned immensely from their practical experience and wisdom.”

Essential skills for business leader

Beginning his own business has seen Mike put many of the skills he gained from the MBA straight into practice.

“A significant skill was working with different people and different nationalities and cultures. This is such a necessary skill for careers and life in general, and it has helped me greatly in dealing with foreign clients from Asia, Middle East, America and Europe.”

Leadership skills, and an understanding of how to manage staff and direct a business have also been vital.

Highly recommended

Having completed his MBA, Mike says he would highly recommend the programme to others.

“It provides a holistic view of everything you need to know about business, coming from lecturers with profound understanding and, more importantly, relevant real life experience as masters in their fields.

“AUT has given me the tools, understandings, confidence and motivation to get out there and do it. It has helped me tick off some significant career goals and allowed me to make even more significant ones for the future.”


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