Rehana Graham


Master of Business Administration student

Setting out to establish a new business can be an isolating experience but Rehana Graham has found a source of inspiration and support in AUT’s MBA programme.  

“Through the programme I’ve found that you build up a network of inspirational people who have a similar outlook on life – a similar determination to succeed and a belief in what they are doing.

“Working independently can be very lonely; often family and friends don’t understand ‘why’ you want to start a new business, so having the support from the MBA team has been very motivating.”   

A professional support network

Rehana admits balancing her studies with setting up her new business and being a mother to three young children can be a struggle, but it helps to be surrounded by others facing the same challenges.

“What is so amazing is everyone is in the same situation, we are all juggling family, work, friends and life, and the staff are aware of the complexities of life. You learn to push through the barriers, push through being tired and just get on with achieving the results the best you can.”

Laying the foundation for a successful start-up

Initially attracted to AUT by the reputation of the programme and the AUT Business School, Rehana has been impressed by the industry knowledge and research expertise of the academic staff delivering the MBA papers.

“Through the MBA I’m learning effective processes to manage my business and mitigating the risks many small business face when they start up, which come from not having an understanding of the complexity of creating something new.”

Currently in the development phase for two different products – one for pets and the other in the food sector, Rehana sees the MBA as providing an opportunity to change her career path and follow her true passion – and make some money. For now though it’s about building the confidence and skills she needs as a foundation for her business.

“It gives me the confidence to believe in myself and the skillset to achieve my goals. Business is all about collaborating with others in order to achieve a purpose, and AUT’s MBA programme has a strong emphasis on developing those skills.”   


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