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Logo for New Zealand Work Research Institute
New Zealand Work Research Institute provides high quality research across a broad multidisciplinary programme concerned with people and work. Unique in New Zealand, the Institute’s Future of Work Programme addresses the challenge of rapid workplace change, driven by new digital technologies, globalisation, environmental pressures, changing workforce demographics and new forms of social interaction and organising. The scope of the programme is broad yet distinctive, and involves collaboration between research groups and key individuals from across AUT University’s faculties along with our external partners in a well-coordinated multidisciplinary initiative.
Logo for Auckland Centre for Financial Research
The Auckland Centre for Financial Research strives to achieve excellence in empirical finance and applied financial econometric research. We aim to do this by nurturing and developing world-class researchers, establishing relationships with leading academics and centers/institutes in the field, developing research capacity of postgraduate and PhD students, and engaging with industry.
Logo for Centre for Non-Adversarial Justice
The Centre for Non-Adversarial Justice, established in 2016, aims to identify and promote various models of justice under the broad banner of non-adversarial justice. Theories of non-adversarial justice arise from many different but interconnected law-related disciplines which offer different approaches to legal problem-solving. They include restorative justice, collaborative law, therapeutic jurisprudence, alternative dispute resolution, problem-solving courts and procedural justice.   Working within the framework of these and other ‘alternative’ models of justice, the Centre aims to facilitate research and dialogue and to assist with legal education and to articulate new ways of envisioning the relationship between law and various aspects of society.
Logo for Centre for Indigenous Rights and Law
Centre for Indigenous Rights and Law was established in 2017. Its goal is to ensure that appropriate prominence is given to indigenous rights and law in Aotearoa New Zealand, across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. The Centre seeks to extend knowledge of customary legal regimes and their validity within state legal systems by encouraging academic exchanges and research.
Logo for Centre for Occupational Health & Safety Research
Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Research is New Zealand's only multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to promoting quality and robust research on OH&S related themes through collaboration with the wide community of OHS advocates. COHSR is a cross-Faculty initiative of AUT University.
Logo for AUT Centre for Private Law
Centre for Private Law was founded in 2015 and consists of leading New Zealand scholars of the private law and regularly invites international visitors to Auckland. The Centre furthers the AUT Law School's mission to be a centre of excellence for commercial and legal research in New Zealand.
Logo for Centre for Social Data Analytics
The AUT Centre for Social Data Analytics applies strong data science to linked data, undertaking research that tells us new things about the human experience. These valuable insights can measure the impact of social interventions, identify the need for new policy and predict the likely outcomes for individuals and groups in society. At the Centre, the focus is on linked data that can tell stories about healthcare, children, families and education. The Centre is led by internationally regarded social data researchers who are constantly seeking new opportunities to collaborate with organisations and researchers worldwide to turn data into quality decisions.
Logo for Gender & Diversity Group
Gender and Diversity Research Group builds innovative quality research and lead discussions addressing gender and diversity issues within the community, at a national and international level. The group was formed in 2007 with the aim of establishing a network of researchers within (and beyond) AUT University who share an interest in gender and diversity

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