Research That Matters


Bill Doolin
Associate Dean - Research
Faculty of Business and Law

AUT Business School Research: 'Research that Matters'

AUT Business School is committed to conducting research that matters. Research that matters is both research of high academic quality and impact, and research of relevance and value for business, the professions, government and society. We pursue research that matters by building networks of sustainable long-term relationships with our external stakeholders. Our research partners work with us to identify specific problems of relevance to them and to co-create knowledge to solve those problems. Establishing key research programmes that address important societal challenges enables the School to develop multi-disciplinary teams that can tackle complex issues, produce research of relevance and value to our external stakeholders, contribute to New Zealand’s social and economic goals, provide opportunities for postgraduate students to conduct research that matters, and inform what we teach our students.


Research is an important contributor to the Business School’s international standing. As an AACSB-accredited business school, our international research connections and collaborations are key mechanisms for increasing our international reputation and relevance. Many of the School’s postgraduate research students have international backgrounds and connections that contribute to the depth and richness of the research undertaken in the School. As a member of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative, the Business School has made a commitment to engage in research that advances knowledge and understanding of the implications for business of social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

The School has invested substantially in developing its research capability. Recruitment of leading researchers and the development of the research capabilities of existing staff are yielding significant returns in terms of research performance. Business School staff and research students increasingly conduct world-class research. The last national research assessment exercise (PBRF), recorded a substantial increase in the School’s research performance, with over 75% of its academic staff evaluated as active researchers by international standards.

Last updated: 25-Jan-2017 3.06pm

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