Become an OTS Client

If you are a not-for-profit organisation and have a relevant project, or you are a consultant with a pro-bono client who could do with some help, please contact us to see if your project is suited as a student-run project for OTS.

Over the years, out students have successfully assisted many organisations through the strategic planning and implementation of public relations tactics; many of these projects have won industry awards.

To check if your project might be suitable, consider the following:

  • Do we have a clearly defined opportunity/issue/challenge that can be addressed by a strategic public relations plan?
  • Can the project be completed in 10 – 12 weeks in the second half of the year?
  • Can we provide appropriate resources, such as money for implementation and time to meet with the student team?
  • Do we have an appropriate supervisor for the student team working on the project, and can this person be available for sign-off on the project?
  • How much creativity or freedom will students have to implement their proposed public relations strategy?   

If your project is suitable and can be realistically completed within the 10 – 12 week timeframe, you will be invited to come and talk to the students about the project in the middle of the year. A student team can then start working with you soon after by proposing a strategic public relations approach.

Participating in OTS and completing a project for a client is a public relations degree requirement, and students have to hand in assignments relating to their strategic campaign plans which are assessed and marked. As a client, you have specific obligations to ensure that students are able to meet the requirements of their degree:

  • Come up with an ‘opportunity’ suitable for an OTS student team.
  • Brief the team fully.
  • Set regular meetings (weekly or fortnightly) to make sure their work is on track.
  • Be available for sign-off on strategies and tactics for implementation.
  • Contribute up to $200 for the project towards students’ out-of-pocket expenses. AUT will match this dollar for dollar. All expenses must be backed by GST receipts. Any additional work commissioned on your behalf must be signed off and paid for by you/your organisation.
  • Complete an evaluation form for each student at the project’s end.

Each team has an experienced Industry Mentor to give them regular advice, as well as on-going supervision by AUT senior academic staff.

For more information about becoming an OTS Client, please email or contact one of the senior academic staff members directly.

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