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The fault in our prisons

Postgraduate Journalism student Niklas Pedersen investigates the state of New Zealand’s prison system and increased media attention that Mt Eden prison has received in recent months – due to revelations of organised fight clubs and poor treatment of prisoners.

In his article, Niklas provides insight on incarceration rates around the world, imprisonment by ethnicity and the issue of privatisation. Find out more here.

This page has information on the postgraduate Communication Studies qualifications and papers that you can study at AUT. When you undertake postgraduate study in communications at AUT you will have the possibility to mix creative and traditional academic research, and extend your knowledge and skills to kick start a new chapter in your life.

Our world-class teaching staff are engaged in projects on such divergent subjects as the vampire in literature and popular culture, celebrity culture, food television and leadership patterns in global virtual teams. The range of research topics is huge, and staff are keen to use their knowledge to help you develop your own research projects in related areas.

Postgraduate Qualifications:

Programme Information

Postgraduate Programme Guide 2017

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Additional course information can also be found here.

Research Areas and Interests Include:

  • 3D communication
  • American studies
  • Anime and manga
  • Children's television, television drama and audience
  • Community media
  • Cultural, social and gender identities
  • Documentary film, and public service broadcasting
  • Environmental communication
  • Ethnography of organisations
  • Film studies, including NZ film culture
  • Food studies
  • Journalism education, production journalism, and its future
  • New media in the South Pacific
  • Organisational identity and social media
  • Thematic analysis (methodology)
  • Relationship between public relations and journalism

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