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2014 Media, War and Memory

The Media, War and Memory conference  was held 18-19 September 2014. A century after 1914, the conference invited scholars to consider how World War I was started, prosecuted and reported on, from different national perspectives. The call for papers asked a number of questions: How does this conflict appear in retrospect? As a prequel to World War II? The 'beginning' of the 20th century? Or as an avoidable, stand-alone catastrophe? These questions provoked wider reflection upon the connections between media, war and memory, exploring these connections and investigating how they have changed over time. JMAD invited two internationally distinguished keynote speakers - Professor Andrew Hoskins, Interdisciplinary Research Professor at the University of Glasgow, and Dr Fay Anderson, Senior Lecturer in the School of Media, Film and Journalism at Monash University. Professor Hoskins' presentation entitled 'The War Vector: the media that remembered too much' critically examined the contemporary media culture of commemoration and memorialisation. Dr Anderson explored the ethics of old and new media representations of suffering and grief during war under the title 'From world war one to Afghanistan, Armenia to Gaza: showing images of suffering then and now'.

There were 34 registered conference participants. Seven staff members and one PhD student from the School of Communication Studies presented their work. By encouraging, and providing an opportunity for staff and postgraduates to present, and have their work debated, JMAD is contributing to the School’s PBRF profile.  
JMAD has previously held three successful conferences.
  • September 2010: Media, Democracy and the Public Sphere. A one day themed conference.  Keynote speaker:  Dr Peter Thompson, Victoria University.  
  • September 2011: Political Economy of Communication. A two day international conference.  Keynote speakers: Professor Graham Murdock, Professor Dwayne Winseck, Professor Janet Wasko.
  • September 2012: Media Histories: New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific. A one day themed conference. Keynote speaker: Professor Peter Putnis.

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