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"Tales of the (Un)Popular: Intersections of Narrative, History, and Popular Culture"

Popular Culture Research Centre, Auckland University of Technology,
1 February 2018

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The annual Symposium of the Popular Culture Research Centre will be held at Auckland University of Technology on 1 2018.

The theme is “Tales of the (Un)Popular”, and and papers will focus on several aspects of the theme within the wider popular culture scope. Topics will include:

Consumerism and (im)materiality
Media and culture (including social/online media)
Family matters (including functions and disjunctions)
Gender politics
Fictional narrative (from film to literature and beyond)
Aesthetics and desire
All matters of taste
Food and food histories
Cuisine and identity
Spirituality and religion
Matters of life and death
Gothic/horror (as related to narrative, history, and the popular)
Remembering and mis/remembering
Environmental matters
National politics and identities
Authenticity and accuracy
Heritage and historiography

For catering purposes, please register your attendance with the Centre’s Director, A/Prof. Lorna Piatti-Farnell, at: lorna.piatti-farnell@aut.ac.nz.

The Symposium is a free event, and open to all.

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