Associate Professor Verica Rupar

Phone: +64 9 9219999 ext.6407


Postal Address:

School of Communication Studies

AUT University

Private Bag 92006

Auckland 1142

New Zealand


The University of Waikato – Political Science Department, Hamilton, New Zealand.

BA (Hons)
Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Memberships and Affiliations:

Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies (Associate Editor)

Journalism Studies (Member of the Editorial Board)

Journalism Education  (Member of the Editorial Board)

Media International Australia (Editorial Advisor)

Reviewer for: International Journal of Press/PoliticsJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Journalism Studies,  Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, Journalism Practice, Feminist StudiesMedia HistoryPrismGeoforum , Journal of Applied Journalism and Media Studies, Journal of Public Relations Research, MEDIANZ Media Studies Journal of Aoteraoa New Zealand; Routledge, Sage Publication


World Journalism Education Council- Steering Committee

International Communication Association (ICA)

New Zealand Association of Journalism Educators

Research Committee, AUT School of Communication Studies

Postgraduate Committee, AUT School of Communication Studies



Verica joined the AUT in 2013. She has been involved in number of international projects on media and politics In Europe, north of Africa and Asia Pacific. Verica has been the European research coordinator for the EC funded project “Ethical journalism initiative: A Campaign to fight racism and discrimination through freedom of expression and the highest professional standards of journalism” and the project leader for the EU funded “Inclusive journalism Initiative: reporting Europe and Asia Pacific”. Her publications include Journalism and meaning-making (Hampton Press, 2010), Scooped: Politics and power of journalism in Aoteraoa New Zealand (co-edited with Sean Phelan and Martin Hirst, AUT Media 2012), Getting the facts right: reporting ethnicity and religion (IFJ, 2012) and Journalism: Themes and Critical Debates (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017). She has written on media, politics and journalism in historical and comparative contexts. She has worked previously as a journalist in Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary, and taught journalism in New Zealand, Serbia, Australia and the UK.

Teaching Areas:


Applied Media Ethics

Journalism III: Depth, Speciality and Data

Media and Politics

Journalism, Law and Ethics

Principles of Journalism

Public Affairs Reporting
Information Gathering and Analysis

Great Journalists

Foreign News Reporting

Comparative Journalism Studies

Investigative Journalism

Media, Society and Politics


Research Areas:

Verica’s teaching and research interests are in comparative journalism studies focusing on journalism as a form of knowledge production and engaging empirically and conceptually with journalism practice and its contribution to democratic society. 

She has researched and written on the epistemology of journalism, journalism in transition countries, the development of journalism form and style in historical contexts, excellence in journalism, media and diversity, inclusive journalism and on the intersections between journalism, politics, culture and society.

Current Research Projects:

Media and social resilience

Journalists' use of Twitter 

Inclusive journalism


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2016          DCT Faculty Research Award for contribution to meeting University and Faculty goals to build research activity, quality and profile

2016         Auckland University of Technology, DCT SRIF grant for AUT Media Observatory: News, politics and diversity in the 2016 New Zealand Local Body Elections

2015         UNESCO grant for 2016 World Journalism Education Congress

2014          “News, politics and diversity in 2014 New Zealand General Election” - DCT Grant

2014         AUT bid to host the 2016 World Journalism Education Congress – Tourism NZ Grant

2014         Faculty Research Award, Dean’s Award for Research Excellence

2014         New Zealand Business Events Award for ‘raising New Zealand’s international profile, encouraging knowledge transfer and generating opportunities for trade and investment’

2013          Inclusive Journalism Initiative: Reporting Europe, Asia and Pacific – international project funded by the European Union and Education New Zealand; Project leader

2011          Ethical Journalism Initiative: A Campaign to Fight Discrimination through Freedom of Expression and the Highest Professional Standards of Journalism. Funded by the European Commission, commissioned by MDI Principal investigator

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