The Labs Network is a group of Design and Creative Technologies faculty-based facilities that are managed by Colab: Creative Technologies. Each lab houses specialist technologies and expertise. The labs are accessible to staff and students from across the Faculty for teaching, production and research.

They are also accessible to industry, practitioners and other tertiary students and staff for research and product development. Specialist public workshops at beginners, intermediate and master’s level are also run through the Labs.

3D Printing Lab

The 3D Printing Lab is a centre for rapid prototyping or 3D printing.

3D printing supports the quick production of complex three-dimensional prototypes and on-demand manufacturing. This allows product concepts to be rapidly tested and ideas to be trialled before committing major costs to going into production. It also supports faster iterations of the product development process before a design is finalized.

The 3D Printing Lab works with students, staff and industry on a range of 3D printing applications and projects. Staff associated with the Lab are also researching new additive manufacturing technologies and developing methods to make most effective use of the available technologies to produce complete product prototypes in very short times.

If you’d like to make an inquiry about working with the 3D Printing Lab, please email or call (09) 921 9999 ext 6268.

Mobile Innovation Network Australasia

The collaboration between Colab at AUT and the Mobile Innovation Network Australasia (MINA) offers a unique, national and international platform and space for creative, industrial and research communities working on development for smartphones, tablets or phablets. It is an opportunity for “mobile people” to meet and share expertise, research outcomes and new forms of creative practices. MINA is particularly interested in publications from academia to applied research and industry-based projects, as well as enabling mobile workshops and public events. Get in touch at

The Motion Capture LabMoCap

The Motion Capture Lab is a full equipped motion capture facility suitable for a range of body, facial and object capture, including a virtual camera, live data streaming and post production motion data solving and processing.

We support students and industry across a range of areas including animation, interactive arts and gaming to virtual production, performance analysis and virtual engineering systems. Our researchers are developing projects exploring motion capture in dance and performance, fabric and movement, and expanding motion capture through virtual realities.

Industry projects are encouraged. Get in touch with us at


Pigsty (Play Interactivity & Games) is a virtual lab which connects video game projects to resources, funding and research across AUT, Auckland, New Zealand and the world.

Working closely with academia and industry, Pigsty provides opportunities for commercial, non-profit and research projects. We are available to discuss collaboration, gamification and consultation. We also facilitate workshops and events. Get in touch with us at

Sentience Lab: Interactive and Immersive 3D Visualisation

When you think of data, you might just think of dry numbers – but what if you could see and experience what they represented?

AUT's Sentience Lab is transforming data into a new, fully immersive and interactive 3D space that can be used for multi-sensory visualisation, education, modelling, animation, rapid prototyping and much more.

The lab combines modern technologies such as motion capture, virtual reality, head-mounted displays, electronics and wireless video transmission and a custom software framework that integrates all those components into one incredible solution so that one or more users can simply "walk" through, listen to, feel, experience, and interact with life-sized three-dimensional worlds. You can contact the lab at

Textile and Design Lab

Students and designers can work with the lab to develop new knitted, printed and felted products which can be taken through to small-scale production.

The lab enables academic and commercial researchers to convert their ideas into tangible products by using its technologies to produce experimental prototypes and samples.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss please email


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