Emergency and Disaster Management Course Information

Why study Emergency and Disaster Management?

Emergencies and disasters are increasing worldwide. These events dramatically affect society and people, cause extensive damage to property and infrastructure, and severely disrupt communities. Emergency and disaster management involves being ready, reducing risk, responding to and recovering from an emergency or a disaster.  It is the discipline and the profession of applying science, technology, planning, and management to deal with emergencies and disasters.

At AUT, our Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) programme is catered towards developing knowledge and skills involved in risk reduction, disaster resilience, emergency risk communication, response and leadership in emergency as well as recovery post disaster. The EDM programme is uniquely positioned under the School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies thereby bringing a much-needed public health perspective to the emergency and disaster management field.  The programme is suitable for those wanting to gain employment in the EDM field and for those already working in the EDM field who would like to gain tertiary level qualifications to complement their work experience.

Since its creation in 2007, the AUT Emergency and Disaster Management programme has produced hundreds of graduates, making us one of the most recognised emergency and disaster management education provider in New Zealand. Emergency and disaster management is an exciting, challenging and rapidly evolving field. As such, our programme is regularly reviewed to match professional demand and align with current research, practice and policies. We see ourselves as playing a significant role in building community disaster resilience through delivering an innovative and quality teaching and research progamme to both New Zealand and international students.

Undergraduate study option

EMGT601 Emergency and Disaster Risk Management*

Postgraduate study options

Postgraduate programmes include the Postgraduate Certificate in Emergency Management (60 points), the Postgraduate Diploma in Emergency Management (120 points) and the Master of Emergency Management (180 points). For further information please click on the following link:

Emergency and Disaster Management: postgraduate papers and qualifications you can study

Career opportunities

Emergency and disaster managers work in local or central government departments, business companies, district health boards, civil defence and emergency management groups, not-for-profit groups, international and local non-governmental organisations, ambulance, fire, police and defence.

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