Nursing Undergraduate Course Information

What is nursing?

A profession focused on the health improvement and care of individuals, families, and communities, whether they are healthy or ill. A nurse assesses, plans, implements and evaluates care independently and in partnership with medical staff such as doctors. The scope of a nurses’ work is extensive; from triage care, to assistance in serious trauma care and surgery.

We offer the following undergraduate programme:

Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

Career opportunities

Nursing registration enables scope for specialisation in health service delivery and work in organisations allied to the health sector. Examples include:

  • Acute care nursing – public or private
  • Mental health nursing
  • Primary health care nursing
  • Specialty nursing practice, such as paediatrics
  • Health administrator
  • Nurse lecturer
  • Health consultant
  • Medical representative
  • Advanced nursing practice
  • Nurse in defence forces

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