Paramedicine Undergraduate Course Information

Paramedics’ core business is caring for people and saving lives by providing access to rapid response pre-hospital emergency care and advanced life support. After paramedics arrive at an accident or medical emergency site, they assess the patient and then formulate an intervention plan and treatment.
If you have a strong compassionate personality, a genuine interest in providing emergency care, are able to defuse volatile situations, and can cope with unpredictable challenges involving trauma and illness, paramedicine could be a great career path for you.

For a career in paramedicine you need to:
  • Have an empathetic personality that can cope with the challenges of managing grief, trauma and serious illness
  • Be a team player with effective communication skills
  • Have an adequate level of health and physical fitness
  • Have the drive and ability to complete university level study

AUT undergraduate courses in paramedicine

Career opportunities

  • Paramedic
  • International relief work
  • Safety services and emergency management roles
  • Working in an environment where out-of-hospital emergency care may be required, such as frontline ambulance, oil rigs, industrial sites, ski fields, defence forces and repatriation services

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