Psychology Undergraduate Course Information

Psychology teaches students about themselves and the people around them. It provides insight into why people think, feel and behave the way they do. AUT's psychology courses are theoretical and practical, with an emphasis on developing psychological understanding and skills that relate to life.

Mid-year enrolments for the BHSc Psychology, Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma Health Science are now possible.

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Debra Spinetto
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We offer the following undergraduate programmes

Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Health Science in Psychology students gain a competitive advantage when entering the health sector in areas such as mental health, social and youth work, health promotion, recruitment, human resources and addictions. Students develop excellent people skills, learn to tolerate ambiguity, respect diversity, and gain an understanding of individual and group dynamics. Students could further their knowledge of psychology and obtain applied skills by studying the Addictions pathways in the Graduate Certificate or Diploma in Health Science.

This health psychology degree also opens the door to a career in non-health related areas such as market research, human resources and recruitment. To become a counselling psychologist, students need to complete further postgraduate study.

Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Health Science: Addictions pathway

The Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Health Science: Addictions pathway equips students with the essential knowledge and skills required to work effectively with people who have substance use and/or gambling related problems in a range of settings.

We offer the following psychology honours programme

Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) in Psychology

This degree is intended primarily for high achieving undergraduate students and recent graduates to:

  • Advance practice
  • Provide accelerated entry into doctoral or masters study
  • Enhance employment opportunities

This is a specific pathway for psychology students in order to meet registration board requirements.

The pathway to full registration (subject to NZ Psychologists Board approval) is articulated by the following 3 years of study:
1. Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) in Psychology
2. Master of Health Science in Psychology
3. Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology

Together these qualifications provide a 3 year postgraduate programme in counselling psychology.

Career opportunities

Prospective employers often seek psychology graduates with a combination of skills. Traditionally, up to 85 percent of students who are awarded a degree in psychology work in public contact positions such as a market researcher, family support worker, policy advisor or analyst, social worker, career advisor, communications co-ordinator, police officer, or youth worker. Further study is required to be a registered psychologist.

Other psychology study options

Bachelor of Arts

A broader arts-based degree which may incorporate a number of subjects, such as criminology, sociology, business, communications and languages. The emphasis is on a sound grasp of theory and strong research focus.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business (conjoint degree)

Postgraduate programmes in psychology

Postgraduate programmes in mental health and addictions

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